3rd ACM Multimedia Workshop on

Geotagging and Its Applications in Multimedia


November 7, 2014, Orlando, Florida, USA

Call for Paper

In recent years, the rise of wide-spread use of GPS sensors and the increasing availability of open geographical databases has motivated a large volume of work on geotagging. The increase in the use of geotagging and improvements in geo-location support systems open up a new dimension for the description, organization and manipulation of multimedia data. This new dimension radically expands the usefulness of multimedia data both for daily users of the Internet and social networking sites as well as for experts in particular application scenarios. 

The goal of this workshop is to bring together cutting-edge research in geotagging as well as novel applications
related to geotagging. It will help facilitate in-depth discussions, share existing tools, and ultimately enhance the research efforts in this area. The workshop will serve as a forum for the presentation and synthesis of vision and insight from leading experts and practitioners on the developing directions of geotagging research related to multimedia.

Important note for the authors: The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of the conference. The official publication date affects the deadline for any patent filings related to published work.


- Collection and estimation of geotags
- Location estimation: inferring geolocation from visual and audio cues
- Mining unstructured web text (e.g., news, blogs) for location
- Knowledge discovery from open geographical databases (e.g., Google earth, GeoNames) and  web photos
- Mining geotags from mobile devices and sensor network
- Applications of geotagging
- Photo and video annotation
- Business applications (e.g., geomarketing, targeted advertising etc.)
- Social networking
- Privacy and security issues
- Visualization of geotagged information
- 3D construction of world model
- Visualization of tourism, travel routes, and other spatial-temporal patterns

Organizing Committee

Gerald Friedland: International Computer Science Institute, USA
Lexing Xie: Australian National University, Australia
Liangliang Cao
: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA. 


The Third International Workshop on GeoMM will be held on November 7, 2014 Orlando, Florida, in ACM Multimedia 2014.


Important Dates

Paper submission: July 22, 2014
Paper notification: Aug 1, 2014
Camera ready: Aug 11, 2014
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